PA eBird 150 County Ticks animated map

Drew Weber5 Comments

Read the post about the 150 County Ticks project.

In order to better visualize the growing lists in each county, I made an animation showing the total number of species reported so far this year in each county. View the full size map which is easier to read. I plan on updating these frequently so check back often to see what counties need help to reach the goal of 150 species each.

  • Maxine

    awesome site.

  • Linda

    I’ll be going to Potter county a few times this year. I hope to help that county hit 150 for you.

    • That’s excellent. I really love Potter County and all its great birds. Definitely underbirded.

  • was wondering when the 150 ticks was going to be reset for 2013? I’m excited to help get everyone there quicker this year.