Freeport Pelagic: Birds with Friends

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  Years ago, back when the Internet was younger, Nemesis Bird sprang forth from a group of young Pennsylvania birders who met each other working field jobs and chasing rare birds. Nowadays, we find ourselves scattered across the map. We’ve always gone where the jobs were–that’s nothing new–but our increasingly adult lifestyles and (thankfully) increasingly professional work situations make it increasingly … Read More

Maryland White-faced Storm-Petrel – 8/25/2012

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If you haven’t already heard, my first real pelagic birding trip turned out to be one of the best pelagic trips ever. Not only did we see Maryland’s first state record for Herald Petrel, we also found the target bird of the trip, White-faced Storm-Petrel. If you haven’t already booked a trip with See Life Paulagics, you may be kicking … Read More