Rufous Hummingbird – Somerset County, PA

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Somerset County birder Jeff Payne has been hosting a beautiful immature female Rufous Hummingbird that was captured and banded by Bob Mulvihill to confirm the ID. On November 3rd, my friends and I were able to stop by and watch the hummer off-and-on for almost an hour before heading up to the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch for a PSO field … Read More

An Unlikely Target- Cooper’s Hawks -VS- kingfishers

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Cooper's Hawk Hot on the tail of another Belted Kingfisher

A few mornings ago I was birding my normal route along Somerset Lake in Somerset County, PA. Raptors were plentiful and I had a hard time counting and watching the shorebirds in front of me as the accipiters and a Peregrine Falcon kept stirring up the flocks. The Belted Kingfishers were all upset and vocalizing like mad, which I often … Read More