Snowy Owl – Chester County, PA

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Today, I had a family get-together near Perkasie, PA and knew that was really close to S&W Race Cars, where a Snowy Owl has been hanging out since December 20th. After trying to see this bird yesterday afternoon without success, I was really excited to give it a second try. My Dad and I drove over and arrived at S&W … Read More

Black-tailed Gull – Back to Ashtabula

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On November 17th, I joined Andy McGann and Tom Johnson in an attempt to see the adult Black-tailed Gull that had been discovered the day before in Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio. Black-tailed Gulls are a very rare vagrant (ABA code 4) to the United States from South Korea and Japan, and I really wanted to see this bird. Unfortunately, we spent all … Read More

Are we on the verge of a Snowy Owl irruption?

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It looks like Snowy Owls are on the move this winter. With the widespread adoption of eBird, we now have an easy way to keep track of this phenomenon in a way that was previously difficult to impossible. Below I have posted the maps of the range and locations of sightings in both 2010 and 2011 over the months of … Read More

Snowy Owl at Merrill Creek Reservoir, NJ

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On November 8th, Ray Richkus spotted a Snowy Owl while fishing in Merrill Creek Reservoir, Warren County, New Jersey. Word quickly spread, and many birders were able to see the bird the next day. Four of my friends and I decided to chase the owl, and left State College at 5:00am and made it to the reservoir by 8:30am. Some … Read More