Snowy Owls from NY to NJ

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It’s no secret that Snowy Owls are almost everywhere this winter. My friends and I went on a 5 day trip for New Years and were able to see 8 different owls without going out of our way! In fact the first bird of the trip was a Snowy I spotted along the Jones Beach Ocean Parkway perched at the … Read More

Support Project SNOWstorm

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The last couple weeks I and many other collaborators have been scrambling to set up an awesome initiative to learn more about the Snowy Owls that have invaded down through the Midwest and East Coast all the way to Florida! The goals of the project are pretty awesome. First, we want to put transmitters on Snowy Owls to figure out where … Read More

This Week in Birding 50

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This Week in Birding

:: A Snowy Owl survived a collision with a pickup truck in Ohio :: An article about all the new species of birds discovered in 2013 :: A USA Today story for the New Year about the renewed popularity of birding :: The city of Medicine Hat, Alberta, has filed a joint application along with LGX Oil & Gas Inc. to ask that a recent federal environmental protection order, … Read More

Birding Duval and Nassau Counties, Florida 12/29

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Hi everyone, My name is Nathan Goldberg, and I am happy to be a new blogger here at Nemesis Bird. I am a 17-year-old birder from Chicago, and I have been birding for four years now. Listing is a serious addiction of mine, and I’ve been bit hard by the county listing bug. Though friends keep telling me its only … Read More

This Week in Birding 48

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This Week in Birding

::  An article on how birds are able to sleep without falling off their perches :: It’s another great winter for Snowy Owls in the Northeast United States :: Plans to monitor fresh-water crocodiles in Australia with a motion-sensitive camera were interrupted when a young Sea Eagle flew away with the camera. It was found later about 110 kilometres away from where it … Read More

Another Snowy Owl in Centre County!

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All that I have wanted to do for the past week is find as many Snowy Owls in Centre County, PA as possible. Although 3 different Snowys have been found around State College in the past week, I was determined to try and find as many more as we could and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Anna Fasoli and … Read More

Fork-tailed Flycatcher – Hadlyme, Connecticut

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Even aside from their ridiculously long tails, the Fork-tailed Flycatcher is beautiful. This bird’s black cap and light gray mantle make it one of the most interesting Tyrannus flyatchers – one of those birds that has always made me pause while skimming through a field guide and admire it. I always felt as if the Fork-tailed Flycatcher was a mythical … Read More

Things That Look Like Snowy Owls

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With an apparent Snowy Owl invasion upon us this winter, the excitement over viewing such a majestic creature cannot be overstated. Snowy Owls are truly one of the natural world’s most awesome birds, and no one can fault you for being ecstatic about finding one in the Northeast, Midwest, or anywhere! Yet, regardless of location, weather conditions, or birding experience, … Read More

Snowy Owl Irruption Watch 2013-14

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The winter of 2013-2014 is proving to be one of the biggest Snowy Owl irruptions in years, even though owls just started arriving in the Mid-Atlantic region during the last two weeks. Here we will be trying to keep an updated account of all the Snowy Owl activity in the Mid-Atlantic states during this irruption season and score each bird … Read More

Snowy Owl – Centre County, PA

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Centre County’s 2nd Snowy Owl of the winter was discovered after dark tonight, by Jordan and Ken Hillsley while they were driving along Circleville Rd. Ian Gardner and I saw the report come through on our eBird alert and decided to run over and see if we could spot the owl. We pulled into Circleville Park first, and a Great Horned … Read More