Review- Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania

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[dc]M[/dc]y first field job was working as a point counter for the Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania. Not only did this give me a huge boost in my birding by ear skills, it also introduced me to the Pennsylvania birding community and was instrumental in starting my involvement in ornithology in PA. I ended working for three years … Read More

The American Kestrel story

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American Kestrels have experienced some pretty severe declines in parts of their range. This was most recently brought to my attention while reading Clay Sutton’s article ‘Killy Killy No More’ in the November 2011 edition of Birding. This article was perhaps inspired by the fact that American Kestrel was the 2011 ABA Bird of the Year. More locally, there was … Read More

Field season summary

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Image via Wikipedia My third and final field season for the 2nd Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas is over.  This last season I covered quite a bit of new territory for me in central and northern PA, visited 7 state parks I had never been to and camped in 4 of them. I started off the season in southeastern PA where … Read More

Surveys in Stony Creek

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Tomorrow I will be doing bird surveys in the Stony Creek Valley which is just east of Dauphin PA. This is the same area where I saw 22 species of warblers in a half mile stretch, back in the beginning of May. Then it will be off to camping in central PA, closer to my point counts. Hopefully I will … Read More

Do you know the immatures?

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Summer birding can be downright drab, depending on where you spend your time. Breeders have settled into their territories and are busy raising young while northbound migration has pretty much wrapped up. Soon these baby birds will have fledged and we will be seeing them out of the nest. Identifying these young birds can be extremely frustrating as they seem … Read More

The aberrant warbler and a firethroat

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Yellow-breasted Chat © 2007 Drew Weber Point counts have been good as of late. I was in Lancaster County a few days finishing up points in that area and my best find was a very outgoing chat. I had it singing during a point count near Muddy Run Reservoir so I marked the spot on my GPS and returned after … Read More

Clay-colored Sparrow

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I saw my 2nd state bird in as many days yesterday. Although its not very common in PA, Clay-colored Sparrows are findable in several parts of the state. They breed in some limited areas in the western part of the state and are sometimes seen in migration elsewhere. This bird is coming to a feeder in Lancaster County and is … Read More