Tundra Swans and Red-throated Loon at Colyer Lake

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On my way home from seeing the Anna’s Hummingbird, Cattle Egret, White-winged Crossbill, I found out that Nan Butkovitch had reported a Red-throated Loon at Colyer Lake. Not having that for the year in PA I decided to stop. In addition to the Red-throated Loon, 31 Tundra Swans came in while I was there and a merlin caught and eat … Read More

Eared Grebe- Bald Eagle State Park

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I had already spent a good portion of my morning looking through the sparse waterfowl at Bald Eagle State Park and was planning on spending some quality time at Jo Hayes Vista, looking for Golden Eagles and Northern Goshawks. This was not to be. Soon after I left Bald Eagle State Park today I got a text saying that Joe … Read More

Field Birds and a Merlin

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I drove around Lancaster County farm fields near New Holland and Leola looking for any field birds I could find. Other birders have reported seeing up to 5 Lapland Longspurs in the Horned Lark flocks and there is always the possibilities of Snow Buntings as well. I missed the more interesting field birds, but did manage to find several large … Read More

Interesting Herring Gull

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Today I spent a few hours searching for interesting gulls near the landfill at Tullytown. Lesser Black-backed Gulls were pretty easy to come by and I also saw a first-winter Iceland and a first-winter Glaucous Gull. I then came across an interesting gull. It piqued my interest due to the dark area around the eyes, coloration of the bill and … Read More

Ash-throated Flycatcher in Lebanon Co, PA

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Here are a couple shots of the Ash-throated Flycatcher in Lebanon Co. Behavior was very interesting, it foraged very low in the brush and grasses, often dropping down to catch something. Below is the shot that can really clinch the id. The tail pattern on Ash-throated Flycatchers has a dark outer edge at the bottom of the outer tail feathers. … Read More

What does a saw-whet do at night?

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Well, let me tell you… We have now been tracking Isra for over 2 weeks now, with a lot of good data coming from our long nights at King’s Gap and in the Michaux State Forest. With the migration season in full swing for the owls, we are now starting to hear the strange barks and whines of the saw-whets … Read More

More P6000 shots

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Here are two more shots I took the other morning. They give me an idea of what the camera is capable of when I have good lighting and more time to compose the shots. Northern Cardinal Song Sparrow