Blizzard Raptors – Houtzdale WRS

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Earlier today I ran the Houtzdale Winter Raptor Survey in Clearfield County. This 110 mile route meanders through pockets of grasslands, stripmines, agricultural fields, and forests from Tyrone to Curwensville and then up to Clearfield. When we left State College to drive down there this morning it was sunny and calm. About halfway, in Blair County, we spotted an immature … Read More

Rain with a chance of shearwaters – Lewes Paulagic

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This past Saturday, fellow NemesisBird contributor Tim Shreckengost and I joined Paul Guris‘ seabirding crew and about 30 other birders from mostly Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania on a 12 hour pelagic trip out of Lewes aboard the trusty Thelma Dale IV. The morning started off with heavy rain. I was too excited to be cooped up inside though, so Tim and … Read More

Neotropic Cormorant – Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Florida

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Among the urban sprawl of southeastern Florida, Wakodahatchee Wetlands is a 50 acre safe haven for literally thousands of wetland birds of 171 species. These wetlands act as a natural filter for two million gallons of treated water on a daily basis, while also providing an incredible opportunity for locals and tourists to see wildlife up-close as well as learn the … Read More

Connecticut Crossbills

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November 20th was the last day of our 5 day birding trip through coastal New England. Our goals for the day were to bird various hotspots in Connecticut and try to find some of the recently-reported rarities as well as build a nice state list. None of the three us (Ian Gardner, Josh Lefever, or myself) had ever eBirded in … Read More

October 12 Hawk Watching at Jo Hays Vista

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On Friday, I joined Chuck Widman, Josh Lefever, and Alex Lamoreaux for a day of hawk watching at Jo Hays Vista. Winds were gusty out of the northwest, which brought in a high number of migrant Red-tailed hawks (96 for the day!). At one point we had five in the sky at the same time!   Sharp-shinned hawks were also … Read More

Sora and other non-warblers at the Biggest Week!

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There is a lot more than just warblers at the Biggest Week, and we have been lucky enough to come across quite a few pretty cool things! When we first got into town on Sunday night our first stop was Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. We wanted to be able to take advantage of the auto tour loop being open to … Read More

A Year in the Yard

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Back in January 2011, I decided I would spend the next year trying to find as many birds as possible on my property during the year. During the previous year I had recorded 149 species, annoying close to the 150 mark. To find 150 species in my yard during the year would be a tremendous feat, considering I don’t live … Read More


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This past weekend I was in Lancaster County and so I decided to look for a couple of the interesting birds that have been around southeastern PA. I started off Saturday at the Anna’s Hummingbird in Shartlesville, which I got to see take off from her night roost. For helping rehang the frozen feeders after they were thawed, I was … Read More

Caracara Conflicts

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Everyday down here in Florida, Anna and I go out and search for Crested Caracaras. Our goal is to find adults copulating, nest building, or already on nests. We see loads of caracaras everyday, sometimes up to 20 or 30 at a time! Most are not on nests or breeding just yet and are just in groups foraging or heading … Read More