Tales and Baby Birds from Arizona

Steve BrennerBehavior, Featured, Field Work, Science1 Comment

For the past 2 months, I have been working on an ongoing research project in the Coconino National Forest in Arizona studying life history and development of birds nesting near the Mogollon Rim. This has been an excellent experience for me so far, and the intimacy with avian life history has been truly eye-opening. Another huge bonus: I get to … Read More

The Farallones: Far-out and Far-flung

Cameron RuttBirding, Site Guide3 Comments

Spelunking and birding aren’t two hobbies that usually have much in common, unless, perhaps, one is searching for rockfowl in West Africa. I never thought my lack of caving experience was any detriment to my ability to find or identify birds. That is, until I came to the Farallones (Figure 1), a collection of rocky islands thirty miles west of … Read More