Piping Plovers – Beyond Cute

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Many birders are familiar with this small migratory shorebird and some know of its endangered status. Not to mention the fact that they’re adorable. But there’s a lot more about Piping Plovers (PIPL) than their good looks. There are two subspecies in three distinct populations of Piping Plovers. The Atlantic coast has its own subspecies (Charadrius melodus melodus) while the internal … Read More

Pennsylvania Birders call to action – the birds are counting on you

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Scott Weidensaul just posted this to the listserv today and I think it is a very important issue. Below is his text. I urge each of you to read it and to contact your legislature. There are already several people talking on the listserv about how their single call caused their representative or senator to rethink their support of the … Read More