New Year Birding

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Year listing is one of the most popular traditions in the world of birding. The annual cycle of seasons is felt especially strongly by those of us who immerse ourselves in the world of birds, and each new year brings a new set of chances to enjoy unforgettable experiences. On behalf of the whole Nemesis Bird team, I’d like to … Read More

Screech-Owls at the Biggest Week

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Besides mind-blowing views of 30+ warbler species, another highlight for many birders during the Biggest Week in American Birding is seeing Eastern Screech-Owls sleeping out in the open. These little, camouflaged owls often have their cover blown by angry flocks of songbirds and can be spotted roosting out in the open, or if you know which owl nestboxes to keep an eye … Read More

An evening in Ocala National Forest: Common Nighthawk flight display

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Yesterday, as part of my work with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, I spent part of the day mapping territories of Florida Scrub-Jays in Ocala National Forest. I spent a few hours out in the morning, but high humidity and baking sun had the jays quiet by 11:00 or so. There is no standing water in the scrub, so … Read More

State College CBC 2012

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Sunday was this year’s date for the State College Christmas Bird Count. This was my second year running the Bear Meadows and Rockview Property routes. Last year Drew Weber, Steve Brenner, and I birded the route together but this year it was me and Josh Lefever. My goal for last year was to find 50 species, but we were only … Read More

Eastern Screech-Owl Chicks

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Between the American Kestrel nest boxes that I monitor in Marion and Levy Counties (for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Dr. Karl Miller), three boxes are occupied by nesting Eastern Screech-Owls!  Two families have hatched 2 eggs, and one has hatched three.  I don’t have any photos of when these owls were recently hatched, but check out this … Read More

What’s in the box? Part One

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Over the past week I’ve been cleaning out American Kestrel nest boxes in Marion and Levy Counties. These boxes are most commonly mounted on utility poles or longleaf pine trees. Over the years, debris can pile up in nest boxes and make them nearly unusable for kestrels, especially if a squirrel has moved in.  If a box has been used … Read More

Eastern Screech-Owl at nest cavity (?)

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While birding at Toftees gamelands here in State College, PA on January 18th, I found an Eastern Screech-Owl poking its head out of a cavity in a tree. I went back this evening to see if the owl was still there, and as soon as I walked up to the tree I could see the owl’s little gray face looking … Read More

State College CBC wrap up

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Yesterday was the State College CBC which I have been looking forward to participating in for weeks now. I covered a lot of territory this year, starting at Bear Meadows and Alan Seeger Natural Areas with Alex and Steve. These higher elevation sites have extensive conifer stands so the hope was to find some less common species such as Ruby-crowned … Read More

Eastern Screech-Owl – Bear Meadows

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This evening, a few of us went to try and find Northern Saw-whet Owls at Bear Meadows Natural Area, here in Centre County. We were not able to see or hear any saw-whets, but we did hear and see two Eastern Screech-Owls. A gray type and a red type were present, however I was only able to get a photo … Read More