Susquehanna River Kayak-Birding Highlights

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Over the past two weeks I was happy to take many birders and bird-photographers out to the Conejohela Flats along the Susquehanna River in Lancaster County, PA. Although there were multiple days with morning or evening storms, almost all of my scheduled trips went along as planned, and I was able to get out to the flats with people on a … Read More

Photo Study: Stilt Sandpiper @ Conejohela Flats

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Recently I posted about a morning I spent birding at Conejohela Flats in Lancaster County, which mentioned that I saw and photographed an adult Stilt Sandpiper. That morning I was incredibly lucky because the bird actually flew over and landed where I was already set up and taking pictures of some Black Terns. Lighting conditions were really in my favor … Read More

Conejohela Flats – Black Terns and Stilt Sandpiper

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This morning Ian Gardner and I took the short drive down to Conejohela Flats from Hershey. We arrived at 8:20am and kayaked around for 2.5 hours. The weather started off very windy with rough water on the river, and heavy cloud cover. Later in the morning, the wind died down and the sun came out. The water level in the area … Read More

When a Bird Becomes an Individual: the One-legged Great Egret

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Books can be (and are) written about the ornithological knowledge gained through studies that involve the practice known as “bird banding” (or “ringing” overseas). To put it simply, banding involves the capture and marking of a wild bird with a unique serial number.  In the USA and Canada, those numbers are generated by the US Geological Survey’s Bird Banding Laboratory. … Read More

Conejohela Flats – Shorebirding 8/19/11

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This morning I joined Ian Gardner and Ramsay Koury to check out the Conejohela Flats for some shorebirds. The flats are a popular location with birders in this area, but a kayak is needed to get better looks at the two main mudflat areas, where the shorebirds tend to be. There weren’t a ton of shorebirds present, but a lone … Read More

Conejohela Flats Avocets

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After an early morning of looking for warblers, I got an email about two American Avocets that were hanging out on Avocet Point at Conejohela Flats. After several years of checking out the flats regularly, I finally get to see an avocet at Avocet Point, fitting I guess. I didn’t have time to kayak out so I had to be … Read More

Sanderling on mud

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A few days ago at Conejohela Flats, I was treated to my first Sanderling in Pennsylvania. Soon after we landed on the flats it was running around with a Whimbrel, similar to the Buff-breasted Sandpiper the day before. I am used to seeing flocks of Sanderlings on the shore, chasing waves back and forth as they feed. It is quite … Read More

and the flats Whimbrel

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Not quite as cooperative as the Buff-breasted Sandpiper, the Whimbrel enjoyed skulking, always on the opposite end of Avocet Point where we were. This was my PA state bird #277. Whimbrels are common along the coast and the only place to reliably find them on migration in PA is at Presque Isle State Park. The large shorebirds are much less … Read More

Buff-breasted Sandpiper on the flats

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Conejohela Flats once again produced some good shorebirds for me. A previously reported Whimbrel was still hanging out on Avocet Point and was the first bird we saw. And right in front of it was a juvenile Buff-breasted Sandpiper. The thing I really love about some juvenile shorebirds is their complete lack of wariness around people. While I was taking … Read More