Sooty Grouse in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

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This post comes from one of our good friends, Nate Fronk, who just finished a field season at Yosemite National Park. Nate has a master’s degree in Wildlife Science from Penn State, where he studied the effect of Marcellus shale gas development on forest songbird populations. Nate has worked throughout Pennsylvania and California on various bird research projects. In his … Read More

Birding News #57

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:: The Nature Conservancy has asked rice farmers in California to leave water on their fields as a place for migrating waterfowl to rest and eat in the midst of the state’s drought :: Birders in Nagpur, India, are trying to come up with new ways to interest the public in bird watching :: A fascinating article about Dark-eyed Juncos by Bob Duchesne who is a Maine Audubon trustee and vice president of its Penobscot … Read More

The Farallones: Far-out and Far-flung

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Spelunking and birding aren’t two hobbies that usually have much in common, unless, perhaps, one is searching for rockfowl in West Africa. I never thought my lack of caving experience was any detriment to my ability to find or identify birds. That is, until I came to the Farallones (Figure 1), a collection of rocky islands thirty miles west of … Read More