New Year Birding

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Year listing is one of the most popular traditions in the world of birding. The annual cycle of seasons is felt especially strongly by those of us who immerse ourselves in the world of birds, and each new year brings a new set of chances to enjoy unforgettable experiences. On behalf of the whole Nemesis Bird team, I’d like to … Read More

Belize Birding: Cattle Landing Dump Site

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A few days ago our boss took us for a ride through the local and unofficial dump site just north of the towns of Cattle Landing and Hopeville (just north of Punta Gorda). This road ends near the mouth of the Rio Grande River. Today however I was on a bike. The satellite image below is from 2007 and shows absolutely no … Read More

October 12 Hawk Watching at Jo Hays Vista

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On Friday, I joined Chuck Widman, Josh Lefever, and Alex Lamoreaux for a day of hawk watching at Jo Hays Vista. Winds were gusty out of the northwest, which brought in a high number of migrant Red-tailed hawks (96 for the day!). At one point we had five in the sky at the same time!   Sharp-shinned hawks were also … Read More

Somerset County Big Day, Spring 2012

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Somerset County Spring ’12 Big Day On Sunday May 6, Jeff Payne, his son, Chris and I decided to do a big day in Somerset County PA. We were shooting for 150, a total Jeff thought would be very hard to hit in this county. We loosly planned a route in the days leading up to our big day, but … Read More

Happy International Vulture Awareness Day!

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Vultures play a pivotal role in ecosystems across the world but don’t get the credit they deserve, and are facing major declines in many areas. Today is a day to recognize and honor these beautifully-ugly birds and highlight the importance of vulture species as well as spread the word about vulture conservation. Check out this link for more info and … Read More