‘Ginger’ American Kestrel

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After seeing a posting about an oddly-plumaged American Kestrel in Lancaster County by Kris Miller, I decided to run down today and try to find the bird myself for some photos. Although I figured it would be a long shot, I was happy to find her and her (normal looking) male hunting grasshoppers together along PA272, just south of Buck. … Read More

American Kestrel Partnership Kestrel Camera: A Struggle to Survive

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The American Kestrel Partnership was created by The Peregrine Fund to gather data about the very alarming decline of American Kestrels in North America. Long term data from breeding bird survey routes indicate as high as 64% population decline in American Kestrel populations since the 1960’s. As with most declining species, it is likely a combination of factors that is causing … Read More

Do you want to help study and conserve American Kestrels? Join The Peregrine Fund’s new American Kestrel Partnership!

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This post was written for Nemesis Bird by Matt Giovanni, a research biologist and the director of the American Kestrel Partnership at The Peregrine Fund. The Peregrine Fund is a non-profit dedicated to saving birds of prey from extinction, and did some incredible work to help the Peregrine Falcon after its decline due to DDT. [dc]T[/dc]he American Kestrel is North America’s … Read More

Banding American Kestrels at SGL #205

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Today, I had the opportunity to band American Kestrels with the Pennsylvania Game Commission at State Game Lands #205. SGL #205 in Lehigh County has excellent grassland habitat and is home to numerous kestrels that require this open environment. In order to keep track of breeding success of this important grassland bird, the game commission bands chicks every year. While … Read More

A few scrub birds from the Juniper Prairie Wilderness Area

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Anna and I have been spending quite a bit of our time working out at the Juniper Prairie Wilderness Area, searching for ‘Southeastern’ American Kestrel nests in natural cavities and also doing point counts of the birds that use this special area. Anna has already posted about this area once before, but I thought I would share a few photos … Read More

Southeastern American Kestrel Natural Cavity Nest

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While I’ve been monitoring nest boxes over the last 4 months in Marion and Levy counties in north central Florida, I have also been looking for kestrel nests in natural cavities.  We suspect there are many kestrels nesting in natural cavities, but finding and monitoring these cavities on private land is difficult. Because American Kestrels cannot excavate their own cavities, … Read More

Back in Florida!

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Classes are over, the Birding Cup is over, the Biggest Week is over and now I am back down in Florida. Anna has been down here since January working with the ‘Southeastern’ American Kestrels around the Gainesville area, and now I am also working with her. Our primary tasks are monitoring the kestrel nest boxes, banding chicks, and finding natural … Read More

Ageing American Kestrel Chicks

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It has been a busy month! About half the boxes that I have been monitoring in Levy and Marion counties are being used by breeding Southeastern American Kestrels (a hand full have been taken over by Eastern Screech-Owls, Tufted Titmice, Great Crested Flycatchers, Eastern Bluebirds, and Flying Squirrels). Over half of the boxes that had eggs have hatched, and we … Read More

Juniper Prairie Wilderness Area

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Over the past month I have been able to spend a handful of days at Juniper Prairie Wilderness Area in Ocala National Forest for both work and recreational birding. Juniper Prairie is about 14,000 acres of recently burned sand pine habitat where charred snags dominate the landscape.  There is a large concentration of Red-headed Woodpeckers, and Northern Flickers, Red-bellied, and … Read More

Falcon Friends?

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This evening, PA birder Katie Andersen was hiking along the Pine Tree Trail at Presque Isle State Park in nw PA. She noticed a lack in songbirds in that area, but quickly realized why when she saw, and photographed, this Merlin perched right next to a male American Kestrel!! I don’t understand how those two species could tolerate being right … Read More