Photo Quiz – Tricky angles

Drew WeberIdentification, quiz birds15 Comments

Today, thanks to some badgering from Cory DeStein, I present you with our next photo quiz. Here are 3 photos of birds shot at tricky angles. Let us know your guesses in the comments and then check out the answers!

Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3


  • Birder Katie

    #1 Pine Siskin
    #2 A native sparrow of some sort – going to go with an immature White-crowned
    #3 Female Purple Finch

  • Birding Mom

    #1 Pine Siskin, #2 narrow it to sparrow, #3 female Purple Finch

  • Kyle

    Pine Siskin
    House Sparrow
    Purple Finch

  • Tim Schreckengost

    Pine Siskin, Chipping Sparrow, Purple Finch

  • Ian Gardner

    Pine Siskin
    Chipping Sparrow
    Purple Finch

  • Gordon Dimmig

    How about White-throated Sparrow for Photo 2?

  • Vernon Gauthier

    Boring I know, but like the others Siskin, Sparrow sp., Purple Finch

    • Sparrow species?!?!?! What a cop out! 🙂

  • Ryan

    Pine Siskin, Fox Sparrow, Purple Finch

  • Josh Fecteau

    1 — Pine Siskin (PISI)
    2 — White-throated Sparrow (WTSP)
    3 — Purple Finch (PUFI)

  • birdlover

    pine siskin, chipping sparrow, female purple finch

  • Mike D

    1)Pine Siskin
    2)White-crowned Sparrow
    3)Purple Finch

  • birdmeister

    #1 Pine Siskin, #2 imm. White-Crowned sparrow, #3 fem. Purple Finch
    When do we get the answers?