Allen’s Hummingbird–Bucks County, PA

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PA’s 3rd state record for Allen’s Hummingbird recently turned up at Babe Webster’s home in Bucks County. Originally it was assumed that the bird was an immature male Rufous Hummingbird when it first visited Babe’s yard on November 12th, until Scott Weidensaul was able to the capture and band the hummingbird on November 21st and confirmed that it is an immature male Allen’s! The previous two PA Allen’s Hummingbirds were in Leola, Lancaster County (December 2009) and Lititz, Lancaster County (November 2010). Below is a photo and video that I took of the hummingbird on the morning of November 23rd, but there are many more photos of the Allen’s as well as photos during banding, at Howard B. Eskin’s photography website. Here is a link to my eBird checklist from this morning.

Allen’s Hummingbird in Bucks County, PA. PA’s 3rd state record. (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

  • It should be known that not everyone was onboard with it being a Rufous 🙂

    I thought the brownish tint to the rufous looked really good for Allen’s.

  • aslamoreaux

    From Scott Weidensaul on January 8th, 2013:

    It appears the immature male Allen’s hummingbird that had been at Babe Webster’s home in Pipersville since early November, and which I banded on Nov. 21, has moved on. Babe last observed him feeding yesterday morning about 7:30 a.m., which means he did what a lot of these late-lingering hummers do – waited for a spell of warming temps after a blast of wintry weather, tanked up early and headed out.

    Babe has been hospitality personified, as several hundred people who came to see the hummer can attest – more proof, if I needed it, that hummingbirds have great taste in their hosts.