• Ironically I got a 69 but I still feel more confident in my ID abilities after taking this quiz.

  • I still think #2 is a Cooper’s

    • So I originally had it set to randomize the photos, but that doesn’t help if there are questions on ID so I turned that off. If you reload the page and click through the photos, which one is it? You don’t have to actually answer to click through them.

      • It was question 6 this time. It’s the soaring bird kind of in the lower lefthand part of the photo.

  • Ian Gardner

    Damn, missed one. 94% is still pretty good. At least I got the goshawk right. That’s promising.

  • Cory DeStein

    ugh 94% so close…

  • Leighann

    #6 has a pretty rounded tail for a Sharpie. But I got all but that one!

  • Gail

    If I got 8 out of 8, why is the score 94%?

    • Not sure Gail, did you accidentally click the wrong answer on one of them before correcting it? At least you know that you got 100%, thanks for playing!